Minimum Order Minimum Reorder Accepted Credit Cards
AHS Lighting has lamp bases and designer shades for every room. Raine & Humble is an Australian based and inspired company that offers one-of-a-kind pillows, throws, and other kitchen, dining and living accessories.
$250 $100 AmEx/Disc/MC/Visa
Fashion accessories & footwear dedicated to high quality products at great prices. Face masks and hand sanitizer now available.
$150 $100 CREDIT CARD (AE, MC, V, Disc)
American Provenance™ is a company of personal care products made without chemicals, additives and artificial fillers. FREE SHIPPING AT $150
Baby Cie (pronounced baby cee) makes adorable melamine children's tableware featuring cute animals and other characters.
$150 $100 CREDIT CARD (Amex, Disc, Masterc
Fashion accessories that are manufactured by a globally conscious company. Face masks now available!
$200 $100 Ax/MC/Visa
Offering the latest in coastal gifts, home décor, apparel, accessories, kids, and holiday; we do coastal right, because it’s all we do!
$300 $100 CREDIT CARD
Inspirational & sentimental sayings on a variety of decor items.
$300 $100 CREDIT CARD (MC, VISA, AX)
Great Design makes the difference with these Party Goods.
-- -- AmEX/Disc/MC/Visa
Beautifully designed bedding, table linens, holiday and home décor
$300 $100 AmEX/Disc/MC/Visa
Highly scented long burning candles made with lead free wicks and only the finest waxes, dyes and fragrances available
$300 $150 CREDIT CARD
$396 $132 CREDIT CARD (V, MC, Amex, Discov
Using the finest qualities of Cotton Fabrics & Canvas and pairing with superior leather and beautiful prints, Cott N Curls offers collections that are fashion forward and affordable.
$250 $200 CREDIT CARD
Greeting cards to fit all styles and budgets, Gift bags, wrap and accessories
$150 $100 CREDIT CARD
Three divisions in one- everything backyard, gourmet gadgets and unique seasonal items that inspire memories.
$250 $100 Amex, Discover, MC, Visa
Comfort, friendship and faith gift books
$100 $100 AmEx/Disc/MC/Visa
“Spend Wisely, Wear Wildly” is Kaleidoscope's tagline because they strive to bring you great fashions at low prices.
$100 $100 CREDIT CARD (V, MC, AMex, Discov
Kind Lips-healthy for the soul
$72 $57 Credit Card, Visa/MC/AmEX/Disc
Top quality, fantastic tasting, all-natural spice blends and herb dips makes gift giving unique with their signature circle packaging and fun gift packaged popcorn on the cob
Fine melamine tableware for indoor and outdoor living
$300 $150 CREDIT CARD (Amex, Mastercard, V
We believe everyone could use a little extra attention so LeightWorks created jewelry that is eye catching and glows. We make wearable fine art. Crystal jewelry layered with precious metals inside to produce a glow like a prism. It changes colors in the light and even adapts to your clothing. All pieces are unique and one of a kind; just like you!!!
$300 $150 CREDIT CARD
From Victorian-styled 100% cotton women’s sleepwear to a collection of exquisite table linens… beautiful is an understatement
$250 -- CREDIT CARD (All)
Maison Chic is a wonderful line of quality, unique and fun gifts for babies and children.
$200 $100 CREDIT CARD
USA made traditional textile craftmanship with an updated modern flair
$200 $150 CREDIT CARD (Amex, Disc, MC, V)
Chocolates made with only the finest ingredients that are 100% hand-crafted daily right here in Minnesota
$150 $100 CREDIT CARD
Fun, easy to prepare gourmet foods for you to enjoy in your own kitchen
$250 $150 CREDIT CARD
The look of metal with the convenience of porcelain.
From beautifully designed wine totes to fully loaded picnic backpacks ~ Primeware thought of everything!
$100 $100 AmEx/Disc/MC/Visa
Not just a greeting card but a piece of art!
$350 $150 CREDIT CARD
Gift and paper products to celebrate good things!
Aluminum free deodorant
SOi offers beautifully hand-crafted all-natural soy candles. Premium fragrances of exceptional quality. Made in the USA. Also offering hand sanitizer that is infused with essential oils and won’t dry out your hands. FDA approved.
$150 $150 Ax/Disc/MC/Visa
Bold. Edgy. Fearless. Handmade Jewelry.